Fire Extinguishers

It is very important to have a fire extinguisher. Using one will stop a destructive fire from spreading and it will stop small fires from getting any bigger or destructive. Fires can destroy your property and kill people. You need to have the ability to prevent these things from happening, therefore having access to a fire extinguisher is essential. Fire extinguishers come in all different shapes, sizes, and types which we have in stock such as:

Types of extinguishers:

Water – for class A materials

Dry Chemical Powder ABE – for class A, B and

Dry chemical powder BE – for class C and

Carbon dioxide CO2 – for class D

Foam – for class A and B

Wet chemicals – for class A and F

Class A

Flammable Materials
E.G: paper & wood

Class D

Flammable Metals

E.G: lithium & potassium

Class B

Flammable Liquids
E.G: paint & petrol

Class E

Electric Equipment
E.G: computers & generators

Class C

Flammable Gases
E.G: butane & methane

Class F

Cooking Fats and Oils
E.G: cooking fats & oils

For all your needs, Browne Fire Protection offers and maintains fire extinguishers for great prices. We adhere to IS 291 Irish Fire Extinguisher Standards in all our work.