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For the protection of your family, clients, or employees, regular maintenance of your fire alarm system is essential. Do you intend to stay in Wexford? If so, Browne Fire Protection fire alarm maintenance can help you maintain the functionality of your system. So what can you anticipate from a business that maintains fire alarms? And how can you be certain that the one you select is ideal for your house or place of business? Read on to discover more. 

In accordance with industry norms, we will offer a competitive price to service any size fire alarm. We maintain, examine, and test fire alarms and provide a report and certification after each service to make sure your business is in compliance with the law.

You must make sure your fire alarm system is appropriately maintained if you are in charge of ensuring the safety of individuals in a place of business or public gathering.

Why Choose Us? 

●       Knowledge and 50 years of experience in fire protection systems.

●       Licenced and insured.

●       Expert solution

●       Service agreements and choices for continued support.

How Brown Fire provides Fire Protection service?

We at Brown Fire Protection provide a fire protection service. The dependability of the building's fire protection will increase if you make sure that your fire alarms are maintained. To guarantee that everyone in the building or on the grounds may leave as soon as possible, the fire detector alarm system should offer the earliest possible warning. This includes the detection of any smoke. According to Irish Standards I.S.3218, depending on the size of your system, fire alarm maintenance should normally be performed every three or six months. 


Depending on how many alarms your building has placed, our fire alarm expert engineers at Browne Fire Protection will carry out your planned fire alarm maintenance in compliance with the most recent Irish standard, I.S.3218, every 3-6 months.

We also provide Fire Safety Training, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm Maintenance, Fire Safety Certificate, Fire Detection Systems.

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